Monday, 5 November 2012

Maya - Interactive Split Tool

Maya has an amazing tool called Interactive Split Tool, it is used to make nice clean cuts across polygons and is great for creating edge loops and fixing topology. Unfortunately it's still new, and as such it's prone to bugs. Sometimes the tool completely refuses to cut, sometimes it cuts but not what you asked it to do.

I would love to offer a fix to this, but I couldn't find one, I still use to very often but I found an alternative to it for the few times it decides it's not going to listen. You can still access the old tool which this tool replaced called the Split Polygon Tool. This can be accessed by going in to object selection mode, holding shift and right-clicking your model, then select Split > Split Polygon Tool. You can then hold Shift while clicking to snap it to points.

I don't think this tool is as nice to use, or as clean, but it does the job when I really need something done and the the Interactive Split Tool is having one of them days.

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